Ceramic sculptures and paintings

From April 13th 2008 onwards you are welcome to come and see my work, at Oudezijl 14, Nieuweschans in Holland.

There my sculptures can be seen in the exhibition room as well as in the garden.

Opening hours: Open by appointment, please phone: 0031 (0)597 671737.


Ceramic sculptures
The sculptures are made of cream coloured ceramic clay with red clay accents and are built with clay slabs. The subjects are mainly birds, animals and humans or a combination of two such as "The Birdwoman".

The sculptures have poetic, sometimes humorous expressions. For example the birds have human features which remind one of eccentric old ladies and vain individuals. Other sculptures resemble innocent creatures.

Subjects include people, houses in landscapes, flowers in vases.
I also paint portraits to commission.

(c) Cilia de la Court

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(c) Cilia de la Court

(c) Cilia de la Court

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